Dear Visitor,

I thank you for visiting here.

A year of struggle, a year of growth, a year of learning, a year of expansion! 

Friends, it’s been more than a year now, that SARSO has been working with & for you!

Here I am, in a joyful present, a well remembered past, and working on a future full of great hopes and promises. Must say, the journey was remarkable!

Our team grew at a faster pace, so was the brand name ‘SARSO’. From a single product we became a multi product company and as the global e-commerce platform expanded, we too stepped into it! With the launch of our fashion merchandise gradually we entered the crazy & massive consumer goods industry. Today with wide product line & brand extensions in our kitty, it feels like magic!

SARSO Apparels, SARSO Cosmetics, SARSO Footwear, SARSO Foods, SARSO Merchandise; our big umbrella managed to cover all these sub- brands just in a span of one year.

The innovative & creative ideas kept flowing, brand loyalty saw a huge jump, more fans connected with us on facebook, great performance was observed among our go getter distributors, new benchmarks were set, some ground breaking challenges we overcame, multi tasking was the key and this is how we unlocked the door to success.

But, success never tasted so good until the day when SARSO started receiving extensive media coverage. India Today, Business Standard, Hindustan Times and all the major media houses were talking about our hard work & our commitment. But we were at the beginning of the chapter, and when the page turned, the prominent laurels started falling in our lap.
SARSO was honored with the prestigious Jyoti Award 2012 from India International Friendship Society.
SARSO got nominated for “eEducation Services of the Year” by Indian eRetail Awards 2012.
SARSO received Shinning Image of India Award from All India Economy Survey Award Council.
SARSO got nominated by ET NOW - IndiaMART “Leaders of Tomorrow Awards 2011".
Our every achievement was rewarded and it inspired us to work harder.

During the journey, let me confess, I felt touched yet highly motivated by those positive letters, emails, SMS I received from you people after every public meeting. It tells me how the brand SARSO evolves around change! The change YOU experienced in your professional and personal lives.

It’s an honor to witness how so many of you together with us has started climbing the ladder to success; so does that mean we are working in sync with our tagline ‘Rediscovering Lives’? Yes, we are! And it is one of those moments of great pride to see this change in you all. I have constantly promoted the idea that financial security of an individual doesn’t always surrounds around the concepts like luck, fortune, destiny or a high powered job. It can, and it does revolve around positive thinking, determination and a focus on the spiritual aspect within our lives; which in return get transformed into monetary growth. And that’s why the brand SARSO is striking a chord with its each fan & follower.

We stand out of the crowd not because we do something different, but because we do usual stuff differently! Our workshops and conventions are platforms where the energized & vibrant achievers share their uplifting stories of triumph, where we plant positivity in you and reap your success, where each individual gathers not just knowledge rather discover his own passion. In line with our vision statement, we have managed to mark a ‘Revered Presence’ in heads & hearts of millions of SARSO FAMILY members!

I am certain our entrepreneurial enthusiasm and esprit de corps will take SARSO up a notch. We have & we will together lift people, not only who are involved with SARSO, but the community as a whole. I thank each one of you for your trust, respect and support.


Mohit Sardana
SARSO BIZNET International Pvt. Ltd.